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AF Consulting Team is dedicated to helping your business succeed. We offer self-led, group, and one-on-one programs and consultations designed to help you develop as a business owner, leader, and entrepreneur.

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Badass Amplifier Group Coaching Accelerator Program

Do you want to supercharge your journey with extra support, motivation, and a dose of pure badasserie?

This is the program you've been waiting for!

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Private Consultation

You built your business, now let's get it growing with one-on-one consultation specifically for your business, challenges, and goals.

The Entrepreneurial Roadmap to Riches

Digital Marketing with Master Resell Rights for 100% profit, no upsells, and an incredible community of support.

Badass Sales Course

If you are ready to end the feast or famine cycle, grow consistently and predictably, and GET MORE SALES, sign up for this course today!

Free Consultation

Find out if we are the right fit or gain much-needed clarity on one part of your business in this 50-minute free consultation call over Zoom.

VIP Full and Half Days

When the focus is only on you, we can make magic happen. A VIP day is a virtual or in-person event that focuses on your top priorities.

The Pursuit of Badasserie

Our books, our podcast, our free trainings, and more! Find everything you need to be badass at business here!